Join us for Bible Class: Bro. Clarence Ross

Bro. Clarence Ross

Sunday Morning: 9AM

Wednesday Evening: 7PM

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Here, we enjoy a loving and sincere family who strives to glorify God and who care about the spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being of the community around us. You will find opportunities to be enriched as well as give back and help others here in our community. We believe that we are Imperfect people who believe in the perfect plan of Christ. We are commited to let others see Christ in us not only in our talk but in our works. Our worship service here at Garden Oaks is reverent, sincere, and based solely on scripture. We are Disciples who are striving to follow the New Testament pattern in worship, doctrine, and Christian living. Here you will find opportunities for individuals to be enriched as well as give back and help others here in our community.

A study in Revelations

Gocc Bulletin

The Church That Jesus Built!

2015 Giveaway

Empowering Future Educators Through Prayer

"Dealing With Test Anxiety"

10-18-15 after evening service

Gocc Bulletin

The Blessings Connection
Daily Bible Reading
The Blessings Connection

Servicios en Español:

Bro. Obdulio Mendoza

Mañana de Domingo: 9AM

Miércoles por la noche: 7PM

NOV.7 The Ministry Leaders' Breakfast
NOV.8 Verterens' Day Recognition
NOV.8 Youth serve dinner at Impact COC
NOV.8 "Team Redeemed" Care group meeting
NOV.10 Congregational Visitation
NOV.13 Couple's Night Out
NOV.14 Wise Owls' Meeting
NOV.14 "Zealous Servants" Care group fellowship
NOV.13 Couple's Night Out
Nov.15 Deadline for Thanksgiving forms
NOV.20 Friday Night Ladies Bible Class
NOV.21 Garden Oaks Christian Academy Fall Festival
NOV.21 Mother's Day Out
NOV.22 Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway
NOV.24 Congregational Visitation
NOV.29 Flip Sunday
Come In